Prime Series Range Line Fryers

* Tank constructed from stainless steel providing durability
for high production output and 5-Year limited warranty
* 11¼” full port drain valve for fast draining
* Cabinet constructed of stainless steel, front, door and sides
* Millivolt Thermostat, 200 to 400 °F
* High temperature safety limit switch
* Thermo safety pilot with a built-in regulator
* Separate manual gas shutoffs for front servicing
* Heavy duty cast iron burners
* Tubes constructed of heavy gauge metal
* Heavy gauge deflector system providing quicker
recovery time


* 2 heavy nickel plated baskets
* Unique stainless steel crumb screen with handles
* Drain Line Cleanout rod
* Drainpipe extension
* Removable stainless steel basket hanger requires no
* 6″ adjustable chrome plated legs