Genesis Range 24” Convection Oven


* 30,000 BTU/hr ovens with snap action thermostat from 175° to 550°F and 100 % safety shut off bottom and sides)

* Heavy duty oven rack with 3/8″ diameter wire

* Convection oven with 5 shelf positions and 4 racks

* Dynamic Airflow Technology (DAT) a patented air flow convection oven balanced air, a low-profile fan, and a 26½” deep internal oven fan. The only convection oven base that accommodates a full-size baking sheet on all models

* Convection oven has an on/off switch with high/low fan speed


* 30,000 BTU/hr oven with 175 instant action thermostat ° to 550°F and 100% safety shut-off sides)

* Sturdy oven rack, 3/8″ diameter

* Standard oven has 4 shelf positions and 3 racks

* Spring loaded counterweight balanced doors