The Genesis Series is the first ever Heavy-Duty Range utilizing the Revolutionary Technology.

The Genesis Series is the first ever Heavy-Duty Range utilizing the Revolutionary VT Burner Technology.
Venancio USA is one of the largest raw material cooking equipment manufacturers. When you combine Venancio’s manufacturing capacity, a revolutionary technology and one of the best engineering consultants in the industry you get the best range in the foodservice industry today.

  • Highest Gas Efficiency

  • 100% Manufactured

  • 14 Gauge Stainless Steel front sides and shelves

  • Fully Welded Interlocking Frame

  • Insulated with Heavy Self-support block type rock wool on all sides.

  • Heavy Duty 12X12 Removable Cast Iron Grates

  • Exclusive Self-cleaning VT Burners

Find out how much you can save on gas usage with our GENESIS Series Range. Go ahead and calculate your potential savings with our calculator below. Results will be emailed over to you.

Current Range Single Burner BTU Rating

Cost Per Therm

$ 1.25

Daily Hours of Units Operation

Days Per Year

Burners Per Range

# of Range Per Location

# of Locations

Percentage of Savings (Based off BTU Rating’s)


Calculations are based off an industry average for BTU's per burner of 31,000 and 18,000 BTU's rating for the VT Burner. Cost per Therm is based off a National average of $1.25.

This tool is only intended to provide an estimate of potential savings, but they can be viewed as reasonable estimates. Actual results will vary. Please contact us for individual testings.

What makes the GENESIS Series so unique?

The VT Burner! This technology is a revolution in the cooking industry.
It’s patented construction and VT fins are unique to its design which helps magnify the heat beneath the pots and pans. Therefore, cooking speeds are increased and the energy consumption is reduced.

This burner is the First Radiant Infrared VT Chamber open burner that is Gas Efficient! Reaching Efficiencies Above 65% exceeding any range top burner on the market.


What are people saying?

The Series Is Extremely Efficient and Good for the Environment 

Dollar and Sense

Energy Saving Technology

  • Lower Energy and Cooling Bills
  • Reduce wasted gas and conserve energy
  • Help your bottom line with energy efficiency
  • Cut your bills and improve your public profile

Download a copy of our catalog and learn more about our amazing products.

We make all of our products from scratch allowing us to provide higher quality. It is unique in our industry a Brand that actually makes from raw material over 80% of their equipment and in gas basically 100% of the equipment so that is one of our most unique and best feature.

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